Clothing for Your Doll

Because most commercial doll clothes are of poor quality, we recommend making your own or using community resources to fabricate them. There are many talented seamstresses around the country who could create appropriate fashions for your doll. Mormon women (who have been charged by their bishops to help refugee communities) may be a source. The refugees themselves may be a source for fabrication of these clothes.

The patterns for doll clothes found below were fabricated by Mrs. Rosalie Croft (a.k.a. "Grammie Rose") of New Brunswick, Canada. She invites one and all to use them. You may visit Mrs. Croft's online catalogue at You may also email her at

I made jewelry for my dolls that replicated designs from their culture. I also bought adult bracelets at The Dollar Store that could be used as necklaces for the dolls. A further source of doll jewelry is

As a final note, it was important for me to have my dolls dressed like school children in the U.S.  I did not want my dolls in full traditional dress, but I did want to embellish their outfits with a color/print/design/hijab that harkened back to their culture.

Clothing Patterns

The following links provide access to Adobe PDF files with clothing patterns.

The patterns must be printed on Legal-size paper (8.5"x14"). Download the files first and then open them in Adobe Reader in order to have full control over the printing. Select Actual size and check Choose paper source by PDF page size (see below).

Printer settings for PDF files.