Lesson Plans for Your Doll

In conjunction with the book I'm New Here by Anne Sibley O'Brien, a comprehensive lesson plan has been provided through the website www.imyourneighborbooks.org. Download this plan here: "I'm New Here" Welcoming Event Kit. We provide a short introduction below.

Creating a Conversation About Welcoming Immigrants & Refugees: A Classroom or Community Event Kit

  • Replete with graphic organizers and worksheets, this 21-page kit offers teachers the building blocks of a successful lesson plan. It's easy to build background knowledge with concepts such as "being new," "being different," "and how-to-be welcoming." The kit also provides models for lesson delivery, lesson application, and lesson sharing to internalize concepts learned.

This video of children sharing out their learning illustrates the power and effectiveness of "I'm New Here" Welcoming Event Kit.

Welcoming America: An Instructors' Toolkit for Building Bridges Across Communities

  • This toolkit is designed for adult educators who are interested in building more inclusive classrooms and communities. These activities, designed to be used during Welcoming Week (each year every September), focus on fostering deeper connections and appreciation for the rich diversity of adult learners and community members, including immigrants. By using these activities during Welcoming Week, you are joining a movement of people across the country who recognize that our communities are strongest when everyone who lives in them is valued.

For more information, visit www.welcomingweek.org. Download a copy of the kit here: Welcoming Week Toolkit.