Events for Your Doll

Your doll may be incorporated into events taking place in your community. Several of these events are listed below.

City-wide Read-aloud (2013, Portland, Maine)

  • I'm Your Neighbor, Portland (IYNP) was a year-long, city-wide read along with a series of six public events designed to promote a sense of community among the city's diverse citizens. The city-wide read featured nine books whose characters and subjects made Maine their home and in doing so transformed Portland into a vibrantly multiracial and multicultural city. More information can be found at the website

Welcoming America: National Welcoming Week (September of each year)

  • Welcoming Week is a time to demonstrate how people of all backgrounds come together to create stronger communities. National Welcoming Week is a time to celebrate the values that unite us as neighbors and is a time to make our communities more welcome to new Americans. For more information visit

Community Exhibit: We are All Arlington! (2016)

  • This multifaceted program combined an exhibit with performing and visual arts, history, and public dialogue that celebrated Arlington, Virginia's 40-year legacy of welcoming thousands of immigrants and refugees. []


  • Your doll may be used for fundraising purposes. She may be "raffled-off" by a school, church or community group.


  • You may give your doll to a public library or to a school library along with books that showcase her history. The doll may be "checked-out" along with a set of clothing.

Library Night

  • You may host a "Refugee Library Night" to introduce your new doll by reading appropriate books and scheduling relevant activities. The doll may then be placed in the circulation library.