How to "Make" a Refugee Doll

  1. Buy doll at store.
  • Michaels = $25.00/The Springfield Collection
  • Wal-Mart = $25-$28/My Life Dolls
  • Target = $34.99/Our Generation Dolls
  • Toys-R-Us = $39.99/Journey Dolls
  • American Girl = $115.00/American Girl Collection

We recommend not buying a doll with a known history. That way your doll will have her own history. Her own story. For a used doll, you may shop online at  eBay or Etsy. Any doll will do as long as it is 18 inches tall.

  1. Make/buy clothing for doll.

If making clothes for a doll from the Islamic World (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan), we recommend making/buying modest clothing. Clothing that covers the arms and legs. Some doll clothing patterns, such as t-shirts can be lengthened to make a dress. The hijab (head covering) is simply a scarf that is 30" long and 10" wide. It is wound over a skull cap made from stretchy material. Go to the Clothing/Patterns tab for additional information on clothing your doll.